Heliopolis University For Sustainable Development, Cairo, Egypt

Heliopolis University strives for the Sustainable Development of Humanity, Communities and Nature in Egypt and the World. Our mission as a new University is to provide a young generation of Egyptian and international students with the knowledge, ability and willingness to contribute to the sustainable development of the world. Thereby we combine Bachelor of Science degree programs dedicated to realising such sustainability, with a broad foundation in core humanities, supplemented by individual internships and group projects. We focus on enhancing entrepreneurial skills to sharpen our graduates’ qualifications. Through state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods, our students will not only be sensitized toward future needs, they will also become managers of tomorrow who are able to execute new ideas by continuously improving their decision making. 3 Belbes Rd 11361 Cairo Egypt Call: 16418 (0020 2 265 65 930)
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Heliopolis University For Sustainable Development, Cairo, Egypt

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