Serious Skin Care, Las Vegas, United States

Jennifer, wife of Sylvester Stallone and mother of three, understands firsthand the challenges of finding reliable skin care. Her Serious Skincare brand goes beyond acne-fighting essentials with an array of skin-replenishing treatments. The Serious Skincare line of beauty treatments and cosmetics was developed for international model Jennifer Flavin-Stallone to address a multitude of skin care needs. Serious Skincare was first introduced as an acne treatment line, and has since evolved into a complete line of hypo-allergenic serious solutions for everyone's skin care needs.

Today, Serious Skincare offers no nonsense treatment solutions with original anti-aging advances designed for everyday use, not cosmetic cover-ups. Aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin or oily/combination skin, acne control products etc are just a few concerns successfully addressed by Serious Skincare. Each Serious Skincare line is based on clinical success and exacting research, and the simple fact that every woman's skin is unique. Whatever your skin type or challenge, Serious Skincare has your solution. 7310 Smoke Ranch Rd Suite I 89128 Las Vegas United States Call: (800) 540-8662
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Serious Skin Care, Las Vegas, United States

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