Writer's Den. Write Freely, Write with Freedom, Let your imagination soar., Quezon City, Philippines

A page for Readers' and Writers' alike. Post whatever you wrote. May it be any genre, may it be a poetry, or a narrative. Let your imagination soar. This is a page for Readers' and Writers' alike. Unknown people will not be entertained unless you are a certified writer. Reposts, Plagiarism, any form if Attention Whoring is not allowed. Those who want to be an admin will go through inspection of Identity and clearance. Ask the three admins to be an admin, the three admins are: Ivan, Nathan, and Matthew. Feel free to use your own language (Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian, Filipino, etc.). However, When you are posting your own story use English. Feel free as if this is your own account, we're NOT dictators, just behave, composed, or you will be kicked out of the group. Rules: 1. Trolling is allowed in this page. But not too much. 2. Reposting is bad. 3. Reposting is bad. 4. No plagiarism. 5. Be free. 6. No posting lewd pictures. 7. You can post any story that you like. (If you wanna post a lewd one...Pm me I'll judge it.) 8. Fandoms are allowed to be discussed. 9. NO SPAMMING. 10. Bring your heart out, feel the Freedom like there's no tomorrow. Members, Admins, Staff, and Description: This is a group created by amateur writers wanting to share their work and receive comments about their writings. Plagiarism rules do not apply here because good writing is meant to be seen by all. Feel free to check around and comment on the works of our members, thank you! - Nathan Dorego Writers: — Nathan Dorego — Ivan Isnit — Matthew Arjonillo — Bea Arellano — Dani Gadil — Daniel Manguerra — Mione (Aquirine) — Gabriel Henry Lopez — Anam Rao Editors: — Lara Andrea — Anam Rao Programmers : — Mikhail Poblete — Gabriel Henry Lopez Animators: — Schneider Arbas — Ritzu Payos — Carla Lumba — Shina Takida — Lara Andrea Readers: Rest of this page. Our writers,editors, programmers and animators will be updated if anyone will be posting here, or will join the group whoever falls in these topics: writers,editors, programmers, and animators. Various places N/A Quezon City Philippines
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Writer's Den. Write Freely, Write with Freedom, Let your imagination soar., Quezon City, Philippines

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