Aero's 2000 AD Library/Museum/Art Gallery, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

A library/museum/art gallery containing every Prog of 2000 AD, every Judge Dredd Megazine, every Annual, every Special etc, plus loads of other stuff A brick outbuilding behind my house that will house my entire 2000 AD collection. Approx 2600 cubic feet over two storeys. The building is in need of renovation. Hoping to have it up n running within the next couple of years. This is my private collection but access will be given to all Squaxx by appointment. (i.e. contact me before you visit to make sure I'm around to let you in) This will not be a museum of untouchable items behind glass. Every comic and book will be accessible to be opened and read and enjoyed (that's what comics are for after all) Thinking of crowd-funding this to pay for the renovation. With the pledge that this resource will always be freely available to all fans of 2000 AD. Any visitor donations will be voluntary and used to maintain the museum and grow the collection. 1 Church Lane HD5 9EB Huddersfield United Kingdom Call: 07981716634
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Aero's 2000 AD Library/Museum/Art Gallery, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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