Mark Beaumont (journalist)

Mark Beaumont is an English music journalist.Career and writing styleA contributor to such titles as The Times, Shortlist, The Guardian and Uncut, Beaumont's writings have predominantly appeared in the NME where he has written numerous reviews and interviews since 1995 and has also functioned as the magazine's letters and singles page editor. Considered by NME editor Conor McNicholas one of the title's "star" writers, Beaumont has frequently been assigned the task of reviewing latest releases and gigs from high-profile artists (Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Coldplay) and Muse.In his writings, Beaumont has often favoured a caustic, confrontational and at times humorous prose style, especially when writing on artists or records that he does not hold in particularly high regard.Beaumont wrote a band biography for the liner notes of the band Mansun's posthumous album, Kleptomania.Beaumont released a biography of the band Muse entitled Out Of This World in the autumn of 2008.In September 2012 his latest artist biography, Jay-Z: The King Of America, was released by Omnibus Press.
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Mark Beaumont (journalist)

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