Michael Lindenberger, journalist

I cover business in Washington for The Dallas Morning News, and national legal affairs for TIME. My freelance work is published I spent 2012-13 on leave from a very generous employer, The Dallas Morning News. I used that year to re-examine the way media works, the way I work, and what all the changes in the digital landscape mean for both of us. I've returned to the paper last summer, and began a new role there as Washington Correspondent. Please find my work there at But I wasn't quite ready to lay down the experimental bug that I caught while at Stanford, and fortunately I was invited to join Beacon late last year. I hope you'll subscribe to me on Beacon. For $5 per month, you'll have the full run of my contributions -- mostly long-form pieces about history, legal affairs and justice issues, literature, writers and, well, bourbon -- plus have unlimited access to all the other great work being produced around the world for Beacon, from North Korea to Syria to Colombia to Haiti and everywhere in between.
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Michael Lindenberger, journalist

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