Scott Taylor (journalist)

Scott Taylor is a Canadian journalist, writer and publisher who specializes in military journalism and war reporting. His coverage has included wars in Cambodia, Africa, the Persian Gulf, Turkey, South Ossetia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Scott Taylor is also a former private in the Canadian Forces, PPCLI. He has worked as the editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps, since 1988.Taylor has aroused a certain amount of controversy during his career; described as "fiercely opinionated", his articles have attracted criticism for their often strongly polemical slant. He has been critical of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence, and has also written in opposition to Western involvement in the Kosovo War, Iraq War and the Libyan Civil War. Taylor was dubbed the “Voice of the Grunts” by the Globe and Mail, a “Bone in the Brass’ Throats” by the Toronto Star, and a “One Man Army” by the Toronto Sun. Taylor has also won Press TV's ' Unembedded Journalist of the Year' Award for 2008.
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Scott Taylor (journalist)

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