Bisu (video gamer)

Kim Taek-yong, popularly known by screen name Bisu or simply Bisu, is a professional South Korean StarCraft player, playing the Protoss race. Famed primarily for sublime performance in the StarCraft: Brood War professional competitions against Protoss and, especially, Zerg, Bisu scored three successful Starleague performances, the most of any Protoss player. Bisu was nicknamed the Revolutionist for innovating the metagame of Protoss versus Zerg matchup.Since his transfer from MBCGame HERO to SK Telecom T1 team in 2008 Bisu, along with Stork, has been leading the Protoss players and both were called "Twin Carriages". Bisu is ranked 2nd in the Elo rating system. In the 2010 Team Liquid forum poll Bisu was voted "the greatest Protoss player of all time".Early lifeKim was born in the South Korean county of Yesan. In his early years, before moving to Seoul, he lived in the city of Cheonan with his home being next to his school. Since childhood, however, Kim did not favour studying and became gradually addicted to computers in grade school. He also used to play soccer "until the sun went down" and has been always picked first during team arrangements; he wished to become a soccer player, but following his growing interest in video games, Kim quit playing soccer and his soccer experience slowly faded away. Kim started playing StarCraft while in the fourth school grade and up to high school has been the most experienced player in his class. Before choosing StarCraft Kim tried Lineage and Fortress, gaining some experience in the latter. Because of turning a professional gamer at age 17 Kim was unable to attend an institute of higher education. He lately entered Sejong University.
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Bisu (video gamer)

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