Mickey Mouse (video game)

Mickey Mousecapade GameplayMickey and Minnie are traveling through the Fun House, the Ocean, the Forest, the Pirate Ship, and the Castle trying to rescue someone mentioned only as "a friend" in ads and the instruction manual. In the game's ending, the friend is revealed to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. In the Japanese version, Alice is prominently featured on the box art and instruction manual.This is the only Capcom Disney title that was not developed by Capcom and the game contains several sprites lifted from other Hudson Soft games. The title screen of the American version refers to the game by its Japanese title, which is simply Mickey Mouse. A Hidden Mickey can be found embedded in the circuit board when the game cartridge is opened. While the gameplay, soundtrack and premise to rescue Alice is the same, there are a considerable number of differences between Capcom's American release and Hudson's original game for the Famicom, especially when it comes to the use of Disney characters.Both versions make use of Disney villains for bosses but not one of them is present in both versions. For example, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is the first boss in the Japanese version, but in the American version he was replaced by Witch Hazel. Many Disney characters who appear as regular foes in the Japanese version were also replaced in the American version by other Disney villains. Unlike other Mickey Mouse video games, Pete is not the final boss; instead, that role is played by Maleficent in the American version of the game and by the Queen of Hearts on the Japanese version. Pete does however appear as the fourth boss on the American version.
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Mickey Mouse (video game)

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