KC Local Business support your town, buy local retail.

Hello Friends. This is a non-political page for creating awarenes of local business (shops, services, and restaurants) and keeping our $$ in KC, and the surrounding area. Kansas City, and the KC Metropolitan area has so many wonderful things to offer! There are countless amazing shops, services, specialty stores, cafe's and restaurants to chose from. Many people I know are showing interest in supporting local, but they don't always know where to go. Places like wally world have made it so easy just to walk in and go to the correct isle to get whatever you need. My name is Loriann. I am originally from Kansas City and have always had a passion for privately owned and local businesses. It seems the more I search, the more I realize how many small business are out there. This page is my effort to show support for our city and say thanks to our local business owners and their employees. This is our opportunity to share information, and for local businesses to advertise. Lets do our best to stay out of the wal-marts, the targets and the big department stores during holiday seasons, birthdays, weddings, special occasions and just in everyday life. Let us use this page to demonstrate, share and just feel better overall about our retail purchases. P.S. I am also a huge animal lover so you may see an occasional pet up for adoption as well! :) If you need to contact me, other than on this page, feel free to email:
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KC Local Business support your town, buy local retail.

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