Holistic Nutritionist - Weight Loss & Wellness, Vancouver, Canada

Would you like... Weight loss - Stronger immunity - More energy - Feel happy- Better sleep - Radiant skin - Balance blood sugar - Balance hormones - etc Our bodies contain an incredible natural healing power and wisdom that knows what we need to be healthy. Most of us, unfortunately, never learn to tap into this power and it lies dormant within us. Monica can help you harness your natural healing potential with a holistic approach that promotes the well being of the entire body, mind and spirit. There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet for everyone. With a focus on natural, good quality foods, the Holistic Nutrition approach looks at each person as a whole, and customizes a diet to perfectly suit their lifestyle, genetic predispositions, intolerances/sensitivities, pathologies and food preferences. It's not all about the food! In order to promote overall balance, lifestyle and mind/body factors are also taken into account as they also affect a person's overall state of health. As you take charge of your health, you will start taking charge of everything else in your life. And if you persist and stick with it, you will enter a new life.
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Holistic Nutritionist - Weight Loss & Wellness, Vancouver, Canada

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