Lifetime Tribute Memorial Websites

Create an online memorial website in remembrance of a departed loved one. Write a biography or tribute along with adding background music. Your personal memorial website features include: wonderful background template selections, upload photos that can also be viewed as a slideshow, upload video files from either your computer or directly from your account on YouTube. Email invitations to view your memorial site to family and friends directly from your personal admin page that will automatically include a link to your memorial site. Visitors to your memorial site will also be able to post stories or messages of condolences in your Tributes section and Memory Book along with being able to add either photos, video or audio clips. You even have the option to keep your memorial public for all to view or private that will require a password that you can create to view your memorial. The password will automatically be included in all email invites that you send out from your personal admin page...along with so much more ! Optimized for social media sharing. You also receive a 30 day money back guarantee if not totally satisfied plus we're always here to answer questions and assist you if needed.
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Lifetime Tribute Memorial Websites

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Found: 03.07.2015


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