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Website Creation Mastery (formerly Your WordPress Friend) shows you how to build your own cool and professional website with no need for being a techie For years on end I used to pay for my websites to be built and I had a lot of them. I'm a true serial and multiple parallel entrepreneur which basically means that I venture into many, many things and many different businesses and activities at all time and at the same time or in succession of each other. Each activity and each venture or business usually requires at least its own website. And at about what used to cost me at least $5,-6,000 a pop, that quickly adds up. Further to that pain was the nuisance that every time I wanted things updated I was in the hands of someone else's time and mercy for attention and facing yet an additional cost. Not a great solution. So I was happy when I finally pulled myself together to learn how to build my own websites. This started with the extremely easy iWeb from Apple, which I believe they have since discontinued. But then I learned about Wordpress, which today is the vastly most popular website platform and not just for blogs, but for actual websites. And for good reasons. Not only is the platform easy to work with and highly customizable, but you can also easily incorporate steps to make it a very valuable part of your business or message or cause. Ultimately I never thought I would ever teach others about this topic - I usually mentor on Business and Success etc - but I thought that the learning curve I had with Wordpress was too cumbersome with lessons scattered all over the place, some of it good, but lots of it really not worth while. Some of it at large price which would have been OK if it was good (but they weren't). So I decided that I would make a program available to others. A lot of it will be for free, but naturally I will offer a high end program that shows everything that I know on the subject and from time to time I might even intersperse with injections of very, very valuable insights not commonly known by people who just don't have the experience (not with website building, but within business, success and what you must know and do in order to create the results you wish to obtain). To start you off, you can get a free video series at: hhtp:// Otherwise please feel free to post your question on how to on my timeline and I might just give you detailed instructions as a reply.
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Website Creation Mastery

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