MISTABLE - website software for horse trainers, Moorabbin, Australia

MiStable has set the benchmark for thoroughbred racehorse trainer web solutions having now developed a "second-to-none" online software package. We have achieved this through a trainer and owner focused approach. This Australian Racing website software provides a marketing and communications tool to ensure you efficiently promote your racing stable on a global scale attracting International and National Thoroughbred Racing clients. MiStable provides a complete communications tool for Industry participants to keep racehorse owners, and Australian racing industry participants informed and up to date with their racing campaign. MiStable provides email, sms, fax, video and voice to interact with your clients online, anywhere around the world. MiStable moves with technology, integrates with accounting software and above all is created by experienced racing people who understand the needs of trainers and race horse owners all at an affordable price. P.O. Box 399 3189 Moorabbin Australia Call: 1300 163 800
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MISTABLE - website software for horse trainers, Moorabbin, Australia

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