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This is the Facebook page for Scotty Moore's Official Website. Here you will be able to receive notifications and links to the latest updates and additions to his site relating to his music history, both with and after his career with Elvis Presley. Welcome to the Facebook page for the Official Website for Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's legendary guitarist. This page was created primarily to simplify keeping friends and fans notified of updates and additions to his site at, that's where all the real content is, not here. Scotty does not actually use Facebook so will not be posting or taking questions. Scotty officially retired in 2007 and no longer tours, makes appearances or grants interviews but you'll find a plethora of information and articles from several decades in the "In the Press" section ( There is a "History" section ( that gives you an overview of his storied career and a "Discography" section ( that gives you a list compiled by Information about the guitars and most of the instruments used by Scotty and the band thoughout his career have been tracked and detailed in the Guitar section ( In addition to that there are special sections pertaining to all of Elvis' performance guitars ( and movie guitars ( The "Scrapbook" section ( of the site is full of stories and pictures of some of the more recent gigs he performed, the visits with friends, fans and all sorts of different info. The "Venues" section ( is something started in 2007 that covers the history of some of the places Scotty and Elvis performed in back in the day. It's just a few of the places that I've thought to write about and sometimes the focus is the venue and/or who was there that seen them or even what other events happened there. More than a few of these places have real significance that goes beyond the fact that Elvis played there. Check it out, new ones are added from time to time. The "Studios" section ( describes in as much technical detail as is available details about the many historic studios he's recorded and worked in. And to simplify things there is a Search function ( that will allow you to quickly locate topics and text throughout the site. So visit the site and be prepared to spend some time. Don't forget to hit the "like" button for the page to receive notifications of additions and updates. Thanks.
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Scotty Moore's Website

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