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Zebian Industries iis one of the largest curtain walling companies in the Middle East with over 36 years of creditable experience. From our humble inception in 1977 to the present, Zebian Aluminium and Glass Industries LLC has not only contribute to the developmental success of the U.A.E. but additionally has played a key role in coping with the stringent requirements of the market place. All this has been achieved by our keen and zealous desire in providing the latest in aluminium fa├žade engineering and glazing works through a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff that continually strive to deliver unsurpassed quality work one project after another. Our strong and solid reputation has therefore been built around our keen desire to provide only the best to our long list and prominent clients. It is therefore no wonder that through the relentless desire to deliver unsurpassed quality standards we have become one of the leading aluminum fabricator in the U.A.E. Additionally, our desire to be the best has attracted business from important overseas market, and beyond the U.A.E. borders, giving us the opportunity to display to the rest of the world what our quality products and skilled work can do for them.
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Zebian Industries Website

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