Cooraclare/Cree Parish Website, Kilrush, Ireland

Welcome to the Cooraclare/Cree Parish Page where you can find updates of events that happen in our Parish Cooraclare (Kilmacduane) Cooraclare / Cree, a community with a population of 1500, is ten kilometres from Kilrush on the Kilrush to Miltown Malbay Road. Also known as Kilmacduane, it became a parish in its own right in 1848 when it was separated from Kilmihil. The word’ Cooraclare’ may be translated as cubhar an chlair or cuar an chlair. The Irish word clar means a board, but was also applied to a river crossing made of boards or planks. Taking the word cubhar as a curve or bend, then Cooraclare would mean the bend where the planks span the river. Another explanation is that Cooraclare means the froth on the planks: froth caused by rushing water. Kilmacduane means the church of the son of Duain, often translated as Downes. Cree, at times spelled Creegh, comes from the Irish word crioch which means end or boundary. Cree east is the boundaries of three baronies. Near Cree is Our Lady’s Well at Dromelihy, one of the most venerated holy wells in West Clare. A novena of Masses is celebrated at the Blessed Well beginning on the 15th of August each year. Traditionally pilgrims walk around the Well reciting the Rosary. Sport, traditional music and dancing are among the great interests of the people of this community. Elizabeth Crotty and Seamus MacMathuna , both well known in ceili music circles , came from the parish. The Rose of Clare Festival takes place in the parish the first weekend in August. Sat 8pm (Summer time) 6pm (Winter Time) Cooraclare Co Clare Kilrush Ireland Call: 0659059008
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Cooraclare/Cree Parish Website, Kilrush, Ireland

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