Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is a real time strategy video game stand alone expansion pack to Company of Heroes. It was announced on November 3, 2008 and was released on April 9, 2009.GameplayTales of Valor includes new units, additional maps and further multiplayer modes, such as 'Stonewall', where the player commands a small number of troops against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and a feature called "direct-fire", where the player 'Points and shoots' (seen in Soldiers: Heroes of WWII, Faces of War and Men of War).RewardsThe game offers special units as rewards for completing a campaign and can be used to replace certain deployable units in multiplayer games. For the Allies, the US faction receives the M18 Hellcat and T17 Armored Car, while players using the British faction gets the Kangaroo Carrier and the Staghound armored car. Wehrmacht players can make use of the Schwimmwagen Type 166, the H39 Gesch├╝tzwagen (a conversion of captured H39 Hotchkiss tanks into a self-propelled tank destroyer), and Voss' special Tiger I, while the Panzer Elite will receive the Schwimmwagen Type 139 and the Hotchkiss H35.PlotCompany of Heroes: Tales Of Valor has three single-player episodes.
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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

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