Monocle (media company)

Monocle is a global affairs and lifestyle magazine, 24-hour radio station, website, and media brand, all produced by Winkontent Ltd. It was founded by Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian entrepreneur, Financial Times columnist, and previously founder of Wallpaper* magazine. Described by CBC News reporter Harry Forestell as a "meeting between Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair", the magazine aims to provide a global perspective on international affairs, business, culture, design, and fashion. The magazine is edited by Andrew Tuck.The magazine launched on 15 February 2007, priced at 12 euros, 6 GBP, 12 USD with articles on subjects including the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, Chinese investment in Africa, and the best Portuguese-language Sunday newspapers. Subscriptions cost £90 annually (10 issues, plus two newspapers). In New Zealand, single issues sell for $18 each, in Japan for ¥2,310, in Switzerland for 20CHF, and in Spain for €11. In September 2014, Brûlé sold a minority stake in Monocle magazine to Japanese newspaper publisher Nikkei Inc. The deal valued Monocle at about $115m although the size of Nikkei's investment was undisclosed. In December 2014, Monocle launched a new annual publication called The Forecast. The magazine, which is intended to fill the gap between the Dec/Jan and February issues of Monocle, offers Monocle's key insights for the year ahead.
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Monocle (media company)

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