Rwenzori Bottling Company, Kampala, Uganda

Pure Natural Mineral Water, from a mineral rich underground source that is 6 times filtered to deliver natures goodness in a bottle. Rwenzori Bottling Company is one of the leading producers of pure natural mineral water in East Africa. From the time it was established in 1993 up to date, the company’s water brand has held market leadership in Uganda and its neighboring countries. Rwenzori is today a household name for bottled water in Uganda. This status has been acquired through providing natural mineral water known for its refreshing taste as well as meeting W.H.O/F.A.O. standards. Our water are currently sold allover Uganda and partly in some regions of Southern Sudan, DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania. You can find our products in all outlets allover the country. Plot 588-592 Jinja Road, Namanve Industrial Area 26543 Kampala Uganda Call: +256 312 333000
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Rwenzori Bottling Company, Kampala, Uganda

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