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We are volunteers keeping you informed 24/7 of fire & occasionally police incidents for both Lake & McHenry Counties in Illinois. Introduction: __________________________________________ Welcome to Lake & McHenry County Scanner! We mainly post all fire related calls (except CO alarm no symptoms and trouble alarms) and major types of EMS calls like CPR in progress or trauma alerts are also posted. Sometimes we will post weather related warnings on the page if it could impact your daily routine or commute. We may occasionally post major police calls although not normally. If you ask us about something going on involving police, chances are we won’t know. We have multiple admins on the page and you can view who they are below with what areas they cover. __________________________________________ YouTube Channels: Admin SB - Admin AV - Twitter: Email: Website: NOTICE: __________________________________________ Most of you may know that we filter comments to reduce “spam” like comments (“prayers”, “I saw that”, “hope they are ok”, etc.). We did this to reduce "garbage" comments in a sense, this helps to make it easy for a reader to see updates provided by us without a filled up comment section tagging people or putting "prayers" in it. If you’re comment provides updates or is useful then it will stay. Disclaimer: __________________________________________ We try and post as accurate of information as possible but we can't always post 100% accurate since we are getting this straight from the fire scanner traffic. We are not an official news agency, so if something was not said over the radio we will not have it for you. We have to wait for news releases just like everybody else in order to receive all the details on the call. If any post causes panic and you can't handle that, then this page isn't for you so we suggest to please unlike our page. Some information on our page can be graphic or intense, same with pictures we may post. If you feel you can’t handle it, again please unlike the page. Be advised we are not affiliated to any local government/ fire department. This page is run by volunteers and we do not get paid for what we post. Please share our page's posts as we are always trying to gain more followers! Admins: __________________________________________ **We are always looking for volunteers to help post! Please message us if you like to be an admin** Our Admins: (SB)- Head admin and page founder; Covers almost all of Lake County and some of McHenry County (AV)- Head admin of McHenry County, and photographer for McHenry County; Covers majority of McHenry County (TT)- Admin; Covers McHenry County (MT)- Admin; Covers Lake County *There are more admins, although they are new to the page and they change sometimes. The admins above are the main posters for the page. Rules: __________________________________________ We would like to say welcome to all our new followers (if you are new). We would also like to take a minute to address some rules since we do have some new followers and need to address a set of rules. This page is here to keep you informed of events that are happening in Lake and McHenry Counties. We do have some rules that must be followed on this page. These rules are set and are not up for debate. Rules list: 1. If you use curse words you will receive one public warning and then you will be banned, no questions asked; (no “real bad” curse words or if it happens repeatedly, you will be banned). 2. If you post any derogatory or racist comments, it’s an automatic ban. 3. Do not post anything about shooting, killing, or harming suspects when we post incidents. 4. Do not go on a rant bashing the cities we cover or any of its Police Officers/Firefighters/EMS/Dispatchers or city officials. You have your own personal Facebook page and can do what you want there. It will not be tolerated here. 5. NEVER post names of anyone. Respect everyone’s privacy. You will receive be banned, no questions asked. If you ask for a name of a victim, you may also be banned if it happens more than once, at the least your comment will be deleted. 6. Keep politics out of discussions. We respect your views but that doesn’t belong here. 7. If you comment tagging someone else, this is considered spam and your comment will be deleted. This also goes if you post anything unrelated to or comments along the lines of “prayers” or “hope the person will be ok”. These comments clog up the comment section for updates that we post. Only comment if you have an update on the post. 8. Anything else the admins find not appropriate could be subject to deletion or possibility of being banned. We usually never reverse a ban so please do not ask us. A reminder again that we are NOT affiliated with any of the police, fire, or EMS agencies we cover. Please do not send us messages or emails requesting help. If you need assistance call 911 or your local non-emergency number. Once we receive an update to a call we will post it. If there is no update due to them moving to a back channel or off the radio, then we cannot update it. Also, if you need a better location on a call, look it up on Google Maps and you will find it. We are not trying to be rude but we just don't have the time to let everyone know where a call is at. We also ask that you do not share car descriptions or ages of anybody involved in an accident unless we say otherwise. These are just the major rules that we felt needed to be covered at this time and some may be added later if need be or we find we forgot a rule. A side note to this. Please do not tell us it’s your first amendment right to comment. This is a private page and that does not apply here. If your post was deleted it was because we as Admins did not feel that it was appropriate or feel that it did not add to the discussion. Do not take offense if we do delete your comment. If we feel that it was a rule breaker we will address you individually. There are several ways to get a hold of us. You can send a message on the Facebook page or you can send an email to You can also follow us on twitter @Firefighter5663. The page is NOT monitored or covered 24/7, we are volunteers that run this page and we have other things than this to do. We welcome any questions or concerns that you have. Important Information Regarding Comments: __________________________________________ As you might know, we have almost 40,000 likes on the page and we thank you for following our page, although with almost over 40,000 people on the page and growing we are starting to see more and more comments on posts and with that comes unnecessary comments. We are trying to cut down on unnecessary comments. This means starting now you can't post "prayers sent", we get that you are sending prayers but you don't need to post it as it clogs up the post. Also the "." we ask you don't post it and instead you can follow a post that's in your news feed by going to the corner of the post with the little down arrow then click it and select "Follow Post". We ask for you to refrain from unnecessary comments that don't contribute to post and rude comments as we will delete them and if necessary ban the person. We ask that you try and only comment when giving updates on traffic or on-scene with updates of the call. You can still post other comments like if you have a question on the post or something other that we haven't mention that you think is worthy to comment. If you comment with unnecessary comments that we said not to post, it will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding. Abbreviations __________________________________________ You can find the abbreviations we use here in our notes section: We hope you enjoy the page. We just ask that you keep it clean and respectful at all times. Thank you, Lake & McHenry County Scanner Admins.
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