Lake Station, Indiana

Lake Station is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. The population was 12,572 at the 2010 census.History An early depot stop on the Michigan Central Railroads Detroit to Chicago line through the Calumet region, the village was first named when George Earle mapped out a town of about 6500acre in April 1852, dubbing it Lake Station. Lake Station was not the name of the, town it was the name of the station, just like many of the towns in Lake and Porter county today. like Miller, was Miller Station, Porter was Porter Station.Twists of fate have their effect to this day. Being a bedroom community, Lake Station did welcome Abraham Lincoln to its Audubon Hotel perhaps on more than one occasion according to oral history. But George Pullman, who tried to negotiate for land in Lake Station for his proposed railcar company, never struck a deal and set up shop on the south side of Chicago instead.Today, Lake Station remains a mostly residential community.East Gary is the former name of the city of Lake Station, Indiana. The city was known as Lake Station from as far back as 1852 when it served as a depot on Michigan Central Railroad's Detroit to Chicago line. The name was officially changed to East Gary in 1908 in an attempt to lure executives from the nearby US Steel plant in Gary, Indiana into creating a suburban community.
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Lake Station, Indiana

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