Lake Tuggeranong College

Lake Tuggeranong College is an Australian Capital Territory public school catering to Year 11 and 12 students (aged between 16 and 18 years). It is located in the Tuggeranong, Canberra, close to Tuggeranong Town Centre and on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong in Greenway. The principal is Julie Murkins,.HistoryThe school was established in 1990 under the oversight of principal Robert McConchie. The enrolment consisted of approximately 400 students. The second principal, John See, was appointed in 1997. On the retirement of John See, at the end of 2006, William Maiden who was appointed as principal. As of 2014the college has over 734 students enrolled.CampusThe college is prominently positioned on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong and is close to the Tuggeranong Town Centre and bus terminal.Campus facilities include general use science laboratories; metal, wood, and auto technology workshops; a kitchen class room; sporting facilities including a rowing shed; drama, dance, art and photography studios (and a dark room); and teaching spaces from 20 person class rooms to an eighty seat lecture theater. The school has a canteen.Tuggeranong Town Centre Library is adjacent to the college and is a joint-use facility catering for the educational needs of college students and for community use. The proximity of the library provides students with access to the ACT public library collection, free computing facilities and study space. Fully qualified Teacher Librarians, in addition to ACT Public Library staff, further the services provided to college students.
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Lake Tuggeranong College

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