Do you really need a bank account? We don't think so either. That's why we bring you HBL iD. HBL iD is not about opening a bank account, earning interest, getting a debit card, using ATMs or keeping your money safe, although all of that does sound pretty cool. No - with HBL iD you begin to do something far more important. You begin to learn how to manage your finances. You learn how to spend and how to save, what makes your money last longer and what techniques can help your money go further so that you can finally buy that new mobile or laptop. How to get an HBL iD? HBL iD gets you ready for the real world. Because the real world starts now. 1. Bring your college ID card and CNIC to your nearest HBL branch or provide other documents* if you are not a student 2. Open an account with any amount & enjoy the flexibility of no minimum balance *Contact your nearest branch
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Found: 04.07.2015


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