Dog Market Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon

You can buy any dog breed you want with best prices and high quality standards 03596651 - 009613596651 - we import/export all Dog breeds - we sell all Dog breeds - It's important to the page to help everyone that wants to know about dogs - we would like to see and feel dog owners are responsible to their best friends - we sell dog food high quality less than the market price just to encourage owners to stop buying the low quality food or unknown dog food brands or (low price) expired date dog food in the market - we have supplements to nourish your dog from vitamin or mineral deficiency, Note: always far expiry date / always the best and high quality / always perfect, safe and fast results. - we provide Natural treatments for dogs’ skin, coat, digestion, diarrhea, colitis, arthritis, dysplasia, weight loss, itching and more. - we have the first aid box for each dog owner and it’s the most important thing to keep especially in urgent cases (your vet is far and you need to help your dog tell arriving to the clinic or if your vet is unreachable) some of the cases: snake bites, eating poison , serious diarrhea, serious dehydration, losing or no appetite, wounds and serious wounds, anemia, hypocalcaemia, full pregnancy and whelping emergency kit and many many more ( you can buy the full first aid box or part of it ) # dogs for sale in lebanon For any info Don’t hesitate to contact us on facebook or on phone 03596651 / 009613596651 Call: 009613596651
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Dog Market Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon

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Found: 04.07.2015


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