Lone Star Dog Ranch, Anna, United States

The Lone Star Dog Ranch is a one of a kind cage free boarding facility 30 minutes north of Dallas in Anna, Texas. Here dogs are free to play, swim, sleep, and be loved as they wish, all day. There are many things about Lone Star Dog Ranch that make it unique and better than any other daycare or boarding facility. We are truly one of a kind. We are a completely social facility. The only time your dog will be confined is for meals and sleep. The rest of their time is theirs to enjoy themselves while you are away enjoying yourself. Dogs are free to swim, play with other dogs, lay under a shade tree, sleep on the couch in the air conditioning or go back to bed and be alone if they want. They can choose to go inside the ranch building or outside anytime they want. We are an all inclusive facility. We don’t charge any extra for playtime, walking, extra hugs, one on one time, swimming, laptime, special food, medication or any other special requirement. Everything is included in the boarding and day care rates. We keep our maximum occupancy at 40 dogs. We feel that taking more dogs compromises the excellent care your pet deserves. All dogs that stay with us must pass our evaluation to ensure that they can get along with everyone. For this reason we also require that all dogs be spayed or neutered. We require that all dogs receive adequate exercise and will participate in a structured walk. This insures a healthy pack mentality with the dogs walking together and establishes us, the personnel, as their pack leaders. The ranch is a 31 acre facility with walking paths throughout for the dogs to be walked. Lone Star Dog Ranch is family owned and operated and all of us live on the property. The dogs are never left unattended. The care here is unmatched anywhere. 10030 County Road 288 75409 Anna United States Call: (972) 924-4800
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Lone Star Dog Ranch, Anna, United States

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