Any.Mo Veterinary Hospital 毛國界動物醫院

Any.Mo Veterinary Hospital 毛國界動物醫院 Treats cat, dog exotic- rabbit, rodent- hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla; hedgehog, ferret; tortoise, turtle, terrapin 醫治 貓貓, 狗狗; 兔科, 鼠科/齧齒類- 倉鼠, 熊仔鼠, 天竺鼠, 葵花鼠, 龍貓; 刺蝟, 貂鼠, 雪貂, 鼬; 龜 Services 服務- consultation 診症, surgery 外科手術, dentistry 牙科, digital x-ray 數碼X光影像, in-house laboratory 實驗室 - body check 身體檢查 - cat and dog vaccination 貓貓, 狗狗預防混合疫苗 - heartworm test and prevention 心絲蟲測試及預防 - rabies vaccination and microchip implantation 瘋狗疫苗/晶片植入 - desex (dog, cat, rabbit, rodent etc.) 絕育手術 (貓貓, 狗狗, 兔兔, 鼠鼠) - dental scaling/polishing/extraction 洗牙及牙齒手術 - blood test 驗血, urine test 驗尿 - cytology, biopsy for histopathology 細胞學檢驗,組織病理檢查 - hospitalization 留院 Nearby- New Kowloon Plaza, Fu Tor Loy Sun Chuen, Olympian City 2, Olympic Station Exit D, Ming Kei College, The Hermitage 鄰近- 新九龍廣場, 富多來新邨, 奧海城二期, 奧運站 D 出口, 銘基書院, 帝峰皇殿 Payment- Cash or EPS 付款方法- 現金 或 易辦事
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Any.Mo Veterinary Hospital 毛國界動物醫院

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