MoonHawks Superior Rottweilers, Neosho, United States

Moonhawks Superior Rottweilers Hello I'm Cynthia MoonHawksOwl Conk Of MoonHawks Superior Rottweilers, I have been all my live around dogs like Shepherds, Dobermans, Rescue dogs and my loved Rottweilers.. I have been breeding my rotts for 18 years. It took me five years to find the right female with great bloodline, temperament, and body, and I did ! A beautiful strong healthy Nortic bloodline. as for my males I have four generations of Vom Wappen a Dutch Bloodline from Canada, large beautiful strong, muscular, with a big sweet loving attitude, playful, and love to work, and sport. My Rottweilers eat organic vegetables and as a breeder I only use Lifes Abundance food with my vegetables and vitamins, they eat a raw diet with beef bones, turkey, salmon. I don't believe in store bought food anything that can sit on the store shelf has preservatives that can be harmful for your dog. On this site you will be introduced to my beautiful Rottweilers and see pictures of the litters Freya had, I only breed her once a year her daughter will be two next year and she will start but only with a great choice in a male so I'm looking to keep the best mind,body & spirit going so that the puppies go to good home to be a companion to the family and playmate for their children... Enjoy you visit, Cynthia & the Rottie Gang! 231 Meadow Ln 53059 Neosho United States Call: (920) 625-6109
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MoonHawks Superior Rottweilers, Neosho, United States

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