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Tails & Trails provides a professional dog walking service - and also offers home care for dogs that need to stay at home. I am a dog loving, nature freak! :) I have been around dogs my whole life - and have rescued two: one from New Mexico, USA, who I had for 13 years, and one from France, who is with me still. I don't believe/agree in quarantine and so my husky mix never had to suffer that. I will provide an invaluable service for your beloved dogs and you can know that they will be well exercised and well loved when in my care. All walks will be tailored to meet each dog's requirements - fitness level, age etc. £10 an hour per dog, for a great trail stomp. £12 a day for home care - to go into your home and feed and walk your pet. I will also feed and care for your other pets if you so require. I am currently working in the Broadmayne, West Knighton, West Stafford area, but will travel further within reason, and so long as I am not stepping on any other dog walker's toes.. :) For further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you :) ps: A courtesy consultation is provided firstly, so that you can meet me, and I can meet you, and most importantly, I can meet your dog! And then, after a few simple forms, we can happily go from there! And if you have more than one dog that you wish me to walk, it will be £10 for the first, and £5 each for the other(s).
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Tails & Trails - Dog Walking & Home Care Pet Services

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