The Pack Leader Pet Services

A service to help dog owners and most of all, the dogs themselves with Exercise and Discipline in order to achieve balance. One home at a time Dog Walks are important to your canine companion's life in more ways you can count. It is a dog's way of releasing pent up energies from being home all day. Remember that in the wild, dogs spend almost all of their lives hunting and playing, being domesticated however stripped them out of that ability since we humans provide most of their needs. A properly walked dog is a balanced dog. So is your dog jumpy? Over excited? Grumpy? They may be unbalanced. No time in hour hands to train and exercise your dog? I WILL! GIVE ME A HOLLER AND LET'S TALK ABOUT EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE AND AFFECTION. **Pickup/Drop offs at your doorstep **No specific length of walk- "I'll walk em until they're balanced" **You decide when and where- "let's do it at your most convenient time"
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The Pack Leader Pet Services

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