Go Walkies Pet Services, Southport, United Kingdom

Local Dog Walking and Pet Sitting business Southport, Banks, Marshside, Birkdale, Ainsdale, Formby & the surrounding areas. GoWalkies Pet Services is your local Dog Walking and Animal Care Business. We look after all kinds of animals such as dog, cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and much more. We cover all of Southport, Marshside, Hillside, Birkdale, Ainsdale and Formby. Dog walking starts from £6.50 for 30 minutes and £9.50. Pet sitting and puppy sitting in owners home for 60 minutes it is £8.00. Evening pet sitting is also available. We offer sleeping over in the owners home for dogs that do not like to be left alone or put in kennels. Home visits or pop in visits whilst going holiday or for pets that prefer to stay in their own homes start from £5.50 for 15 minutes or £6.50 for 30 minutes. (All animals included) Fully insured and fully trained in Animal First Aid. References can be provided. 207 Fylde Road PR9 9XZ Southport United Kingdom Call: 07712242057
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Go Walkies Pet Services, Southport, United Kingdom

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