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Services offered Home stays dog boarding House & pet sitting Pet feeding visits Dog walking Pet taxi We serve up to 40 mins radius of Hobart The Complete Holiday and any time Pet Care Service! This is the pet service the vets trust and use. SERVICES WE OFFER ARE Your dogs can have a little luxury at an affordable price.With our In home dog minding where your dogs can stay in family homes across Hobart.They can live and sleep inside.Your dogs home away from home. Pet feeding and caring visits where we visit your pets all types of pets and check on them by visiting them and we feed/water/cuddle .We also clean kitty litter bring in the mail, take out bins, and check your windows to make sure there has been no disturbances and make sure the pets look and are acting well.We can perform other duties for you as well. House and pet sitting.We can provide experienced police checked trustworthy sitters to live with your pets.This is the gold stamp of services where your pet have the companionship and care and never have to leave home.House security as well.All our clients are raving about this service and we can give you their numbers if you wish to speak with them on this service. We have Doggy day care in family homes across Hobart and Southern Tasmania.These are fun days for your dogs a great play date experience and they get walked and taken out on adventures as well.this is doggy day care with a difference do not let your dog get lost in the crowd very personalized. We have a holiday cottage on Bruny Island where you can take your dogs with you.Opposite a dog friendly beach and jetty.Fully self contained and fenced post card views and all foxtel channels provided.this is a great way to holiday and take your paw family member with you. Walking service we can walk your dogs on a daily basis as well as when you are away for what ever reason we can walk them.We have walked all sorts of doggy's and they love love love it when they see us coming up the path to their door they go nuts.So nice to feel welcome. Pets first Aid courses I have arranged for a pet first aid instructor to come to Tasmania to teach us how to save our pets if need be and care for them.This is a pleasure for me to have arranged this event and I am planning to make it an Annual event.As i feel that all pet owners can only benefit from such a course and give us pet owners the power to help not only our own but maybe a neighbors pet what a wonderful thing that would be. Then there is our Veterinary approved pet taxi/ Pet Ambulance service. We can take your pets to the vets,groomers,book them into their flights,Take them to the kennels and pick ups and drop offs to the Breeders.We are fully equipped and have all size pet carriers separate quarters for your pets.Stretchers and soon we are having oxygen fitted into our van.The van and pet carriers are sprayed out after all jobs with F 10 a special veterinary strength disinfectant that kills all germs for that piece of mind. Pet Travel agent we can help you arrange all your pets flight or on road transport Tasmania wide-Australia wide and world wide. Dog bathing we bath dogs in the Homes of seniors for an affordable price this service is only for small to small/medium dogs.We recognize that it is hard for the elderly to wash there fur babies at times so we will come into there home and wash them for them and clip their nails.We are not a grooming service just a compassionate lot of people who wish to help out the elderly in our community. We are a Professional friendly helpful service and we care greatly for the well being of all creatures great and small.We care about our pet clients as much as our human clients.My belief is that pets are as important as people and we treat them as so.Pets have feelings as much as any one one.There is nothing more gratifying ans helping an owner out with their pets nothing.When I turn up at a house/unit or farm and see how happy the pets are to see me it's all worth while and what it is about.We go above and beyond in our service and treat all our clients with understanding and compassion.I do voluntary work when I can for the Brightside farm sanctuary as well as the dogs home.I have assisted in the resue of some pets this gives me great satisfaction. My team members are the greatest and they are all proven tried and tested and all have their repeat clients.Most are also volunteers or on committees for the well being of animals and I would not have it any other way.As well as most have pets first aid experience for the owners peace of mind. So there you have it my pride my passion my business. I love what I do and so does my team.What a wonderful job I am truly blessed to do what is so important to me care for pets! OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO CARE AND MAKE YOUR PETS FEEL AS COMFORTABLE AND LOVED AND CARED FOR JUST LIKE YOU DO. YOU LOVE YOUR PET FAMILY AND WE WILL TOO! Lindisfarne 7015 Hobart Australia Call: 0428568852
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