Justins Dog Kennels And Animal Yards, Boorowa, Australia

We can make yards/kennels/enclosures/runs/cages/hutches/catteries/coups/pens suitable for Cats/Dogs/Rabbits/Birds/Ferrets/ Poultry and many other animals! Does your dog run away or get into mischief while you’re away? Are you a breeder and need to safely separate your studs/bitches? Are you worried about foxes and dogs getting into your pets? Why not check out JustinsDog KennelsAnd AnimalYards and see what we can do for you. We are committed to our customers, their individual needs and their customer satisfaction. We offer a large range of pet homes ranging from single pet owners to professional pet breeders and pet boarding facilities. We only use the highest quality materials and offer them at reasonable and competitive prices. Our yards are made "Aussie tough" unlike cheap imports that are not heavy duty can be a potential safety problem for your furbaby. All our yards are delivered/picked up welded together not in panels to ensure extra stability, But if you would prefer panels we can do this as well. We make the yards the way YOU want. We can make yards/kennels/enclosures/runs/cages/hutches/catteries/coups/pens suitable for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Birds, Ferrets, Poultry and many other animals. Hi Everyone. My name is Justin Campbell and I have started a business building and fixing up animal yards. I do great work and great prices and have had alot of posistive feedback. If your interested in purchasing a yard from us simply like our page and send us a message or post on our wall. We are known for our quick but strongly done work. If you would like too have a chat too us on the phone feel free too call us on 0478802005 (We also reply too Text messages) Our email address is I don't do this full time yet, But we will hopefully get there. This page is Run by me and my Fiancee' Ashley. I Currently work as a concreter so i am unavailable too do quotes or build during the week unless its raining but if i have an afternoon spare i will either be building or doing quotes. Ashley also works and she handles all the online stuff like emailing, dealing with out website and getting our name out there. She will take your quotes/information and write down so i can do it when i get the chance :). We look forward too dealing with you. 51 jugiong street. 2586 Boorowa Australia Call: 0478802005
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Justins Dog Kennels And Animal Yards, Boorowa, Australia

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