Wendy's India, Gurgaon, India

Quality is our recipe! Location: 1. Sector 29, Gurgaon 2. Shop no. 7-10, Ninex Mart, Sec-49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122101 Welcome to Wendy’s! Founded close to half a century ago, Wendy’s has 6,515 restaurants across 29 countries and we are truly excited to be in India. Over the years we’ve stayed true to our philosophy of ‘Quality Is Our Recipe’. Home to the famous Frosty, square patty & bun and the signature Baconator; we’re known for our wholesome food experiences. We believe everyone deserves a well-cooked hot meal and that’s why all our food is prepared fresh only when you order it & served in warm plates. And our menu is specially made for India- a diverse vegetarian range and a meat lovers dream, prepared using some very interesting local ingredients and flavours.- chillis from Nagaland, crispy baby potatoes, juicy chicken and mutton, spice infused buns, sauces from around the world. The list goes on. Our people are like you. Simple, genuine and wanting the best for their customers. Finally, when you come to our restaurants, you’ll find them warm, fun and lively with a great vibe! So why not stop by for some good honest food and sincere service at Wendy’s? Sector 29 Market 122002 Gurgaon India Call: 80-80-80-29-80
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Wendy's India, Gurgaon, India

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