Enfalearn Philippines, Makati, Philippines

We continue this mission through this Enfalearn Philippines Facebook community, a growing network of parents united in the goal of supporting their child’s brain development. Just as great thinkers in ancient times converged in a forum to share and formulate ideas, this will be a virtual meeting place where the latest trends and breakthroughs in teaching methods, educational toys, mental stimulation activities, and much more will be featured and discussed by the group. Explore the varied content, which includes interactive learning apps, learning-related resources, and even promotional activities where you can win prizes that will further enhance your child’s learning. We will gladly respond to your questions and comments. However, in keeping with the Executive Order 51 or the Philippine Milk Code, we can only discuss topics involving children 37 months or older. These are exciting times ahead! So, learn, interact, and connect with your fellow members today! 2309 Don Chino Roces Extension 1231 Makati Philippines Call: +632-8418222, 1-800-1-888-5861 (toll free)
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Enfalearn Philippines, Makati, Philippines

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