Tuttorosso Tomatoes, Elwood, United States

Every ingredient matters. The right spoon. The right pinch. The right pan. The right tomato. And most importantly, you. It has rightly been said that tomatoes are the heart of Italian cooking. Tuttorosso, meaning “all red”, is a word that many learn to spell early. Using a brand of tomato products other than Tuttorosso for their special Italian family recipes, slow-simmered sauces and gravies would be unthinkable! Tuttorosso tomato products have been a primary staple in the pantries of discerning cooks since 1929, when the first cans of Tuttorosso were produced from lush tomato fields, like those in the old country. Tuttorosso is owned by Red Gold, a fourth generation family of tomato experts with a family tradition of “producing the freshest, best tasting, tomato products in the world!” 1500 Tomato Country Way, PO Box 83 46036 Elwood United States Call: (866) 729-7187
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Tuttorosso Tomatoes, Elwood, United States

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