Aris Cosmetics, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Aris Cosmetics official Fan page. fragrances, personal care products,cosmetics, hair care, body cream, lotions and accessories for women and men. Winner Manufacturing is a Perfume manufacturing company who are into Perfumes, Personal Care Products,Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, Body Cream and Lotions under the brand name Aris Cosmetics. With hands onexperience of 25 years working for Revlon, USA, Mr. Fred has designed all the products and fragrances to the customers need. Winner manufacturing is a subsidiary company under the group of Abdullah Hussain Khunji. Abdullah Hussain Khunji in 1961 started with opening of a single shop selling Arabic traditional dresses in UAE. Today he stands with 127 outlets spread across all UAE with a distribution to 80 countries worldwide. He owns numerous businesses and supports many industries throughout UAE, but he is most recognized as icon of garment production, specifically Arabian traditional clothing; i.e. Sheela, Abaya, Kandura and other associated items. We owe many other businesses in construction, stock garments, jewelry sales, properties, educational institutes, restaurants. We have over 2000 employees who are dedicated to the task they are handling. Call: 00971562223276
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Aris Cosmetics, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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