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SlikhaarTV is the biggest hairstyling channel on YouTube. Shop online: Apply for B2B: This is the Official Slikhaar TV members site. YOUTUBE: Apply for B2B: CONTACT/PROMOTION: BUY PRODUCTS: BE A SLIKHAAR TV MODEL: Make a video of your self - Send the link, and application to WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU? - Hairdressers - DJ's - Artists - Web developers - Models You can use this site to post videos upload pictures, and find pictures of the original Slikhaar hairstyles. ADMINS: Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen!/ralbrechtsen Emil Vilain Albrechtsen!/ Pleas write us if you have something on your mind. Greetings Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsne The Slikhaar TV TEAM Ryesgade 8, 1 Sal 8000 Aarhus Denmark
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