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Luxurious pure argan oil and argan oil products to spoil your hair, body, face and senses Imagine the third millennium BCE, Sub Sahara Africa. This is where the story of Argania Spinosa takes its course. This story is just as old as the story of the ancient Moroccan Berber Tribes itself. Those ancient Tribes learned early about the various ways in which they could apply the precious and rare oil of the Argan Fruit, that is only growing in the North African State of Morocco. For centuries Argan Oil has been a well-kept secret, known only to the Berber women. Quaintly enough, the Argan Fruit was initially serving the goats of the Berbers as nutrition, until the female Berbers realized, that the kernel of the fruit harbors a golden liquid that was soon incorporated into every domain of the Berber Life. Not only was it used for various personal purposes, however it also created a trade item for the Saharan Nomades. Ever since its discovery, the sub Saharan Berbers would use the argan oil not only as a dietary supplement, but first and foremost as a beauty and health product. Chronicles of ancient times witness that the oil was used to prevent and cure all kinds of ecological impacts on their hair, face and body. Even Eczema, Chickenpox, acne and psoriasis are mentioned in those chronicles. The secrets and merits of the rare, golden oil were thus passed from one Berber generation to the next, until this day and age, where this special and precious oil gained worldwide popularity for its unique anti-ageing virtues Nowadays, Argan Oil is harvested by local Berber woman’s co-operatives who partially still work by hand in cracking the nuts to extract the pits. It takes approximately 32 kg of Argan fruit, and several days, to produce just one litre of Simply Argan Oil. As we have the honour to work with one of the largest and advanced argan oil producing cooperatives in Morocco, we are able to offer luxurious argan oil products of highest purity and quality. Our product range comprises, not only the pure oil but also other body-, hair-, and facial products based on argan oil. All our products follow one aim: To spoil your skin and senses in the most charming and luxurious ways. Our products are the most prestigious way to treat yourself well and diminish the signs of time, stress and environmental influences 1212 Rue Saint Mathieu H3H2H7 Montreal Canada Call: (+1) 514 789 2712
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Arganlounge, Montreal, Canada

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