ATI Nursing, Leawood, United States

ATI is committed to innovative solutions in nursing education by providing consistently reliable delivery of high-quality assessment, remediation and educational products. We have a real understanding for what it takes to become a nurse. ATI began with the help of a nurse and many nurses are a valued part of our company today. We also have a real understanding for what it takes to pass high stakes tests. Nursing students are not created equally. Some are young. Some are middle-aged. Some are moms. Some are dads. Some are morning people. Some are night owls. Some learn by the book. Others learn best online – which you should know, we are the leader in online learning. Intuitively, ATI’s learning systems are designed to teach the way individuals learn. Whether it’s an RN or a PN program, we’re with your students from the beginning of school through the beginning of their nursing career and it’s done with the kind of personal caring attention that’s synonymous with nursing. With our help, students garner great results in high stakes test preparation with pass rates closer to 100% than any other education system in the market. It’s no surprise that we’re the first choice for more nurse educators, universities and colleges nationwide. 11161 Overbrook Rd 66211 Leawood United States Call: (800) 667-7531
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ATI Nursing, Leawood, United States

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