Argyll Home Education Services Centre, Edmonton, Canada

Argyll Centre Argyll Centre provides these learning options: Teacher-directed, Parent-Directed Home Education and Blended programs for students in Grades K through 12. Instruction is both onsite in Edmonton, Alberta and in a distributed online learning model through Teacher Directed, Parent Directed and Blended learning. Some Christian resources are available to support Parent Directed Homeschooling and supplement teacher directed home based learning. Instruction onsite in Edmonton includes Natural Learning Community, a student centred community of learners and Caraway, a multi-aged cross-graded program focused on project based student centred learning.History“What would happen if learning opportunities were made available to students, through technology, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?” A number of Edmonton Public Schools became engaged in trying to answer this question. By 1998, Argyll Centre had been created to amalgamate the learning that had taken place about online 24/7 learning as well as to become Edmonton Public Schools' center for home education services. LearnNet, one of Argyll's online delivery options, began serving students across the province of Alberta, with teachers acting as learning facilitators available to students as and when the students required help.Argyll now delivers teacher directed home-based and parent directed homeschooling learning opportunities. LearnNet, and Live Online delivery options, continue to serve students across Alberta, Nationally and Internationally.In addition Argyll has Blended Programs, in which students have their parents as the primary educator for part of their learning and Argyll teachers as the primary educator for other parts.Learning Partnerships are relationships with parents and students where parents and teachers share the responsibility for student education.
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Argyll Home Education Services Centre, Edmonton, Canada

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