Nara University of Education

Nara University of Education Nara kyōiku daigaku) is a national university at Nara, Nara, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1888, and it was chartered as a university in 1949.LocationThe campus is located close to Nara Park, Todai-ji with a great statue of Buddha, Kasuga-taisha, and Kōfuku-ji, as well as Naramachi, the old town area in the central Nara City.OrganizationFaculty (Undergraduate Programs)Faculty of Education (教育学部)Department of Teacher Training and School EducationEducational ProgressPedagogyPsychologyEarly Childhood EducationSpecial Support EducationJapaneseSocial StudiesMathematicsScienceMusicFine ArtsHealth & Sports ScienceHome EconomicsTechnologyEnglishCalligraphyCultural HeritageGraduate SchoolGraduate School of Education (大学院教育学研究科)Master's Program in EducationSchool EducationCurriculum and InstructionSchool of Professional Development in EducationPostgraduate CourseSpecial Course for Teachers for Special Education (特別支援教育特別専攻科)Attached OrganizationsEducational and Academic Support OrganizationTeacher Education Center for Future GenerationLibraryCenter for Intercultural Exchange and StudiesCenter for Special Needs EducationCenter for Education Research of Science and MathematicsCenter for Natural Environment Education Call: 0742-27-9105
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Nara University of Education

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