Korea National University of Education

Korea National University of Education is a South Korean national university which is dedicated to teacher training and educational research. The university is widely regarded as the top South Korean university in the field of education. It comprises four colleges and three graduate schools. The student body consists of about 2,400 undergraduate and 3,300 graduate students.CharacteristicsAs the most prestigious national institution for teacher training and educational research, the university collectively prepares kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school teachers. It also provides continuous teacher education and conducts comprehensive educational research.Pre-service educationThe university conducts pre-teacher training in undergraduate course. It offer dual majors regardless of kindergarten, primary, or secondary education. Also, it trains professional teachers in graduate schools.In-service educationThe university runs the Center for In-service Education which provides reeducation and professional training for current teachers. It enhances the professionality of the Staff Development Programs. The university develops the capability of teachers to solve problems on the school-site.Educational researchIt explores educational theories and problems in school education and develops new educational theories, materials and policies. The university also makes a feedback of research results from school educators.AcademicsAdmissionsAdmissions to the university is highly selective because the students are regarded as pre-service teachers and exempted from all tuition and dormitory fees by presidential decree. All applicants are required to get a letter of recommendation from each local educational superintendent and pass the notoriously difficult entry interviews. Students are admitted by major instead of into a general freshman pool. Call: 043-230-3114
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Korea National University of Education

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