Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy, Phoenix, United States

Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy is part of the Phoenix Union High School District. The campus was originally located at 1505 North Central Avenue, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Suns-Diamondbacks' enrollment is 186 students. This alternative program was designed to help students (age 16-21) at risk of dropping out to complete their high school education in a small learning environment with specialized classes and schedules. Created in 2001, over 300 at risk students went from dropping out to diplomas in the school's first four years. Two new classrooms were added for an additional 40 students in August, 2006. The school is partnered with Communities in Schools of Arizona, and corporate sponsors APS, Honeywell and the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB) and Phoenix Suns (NBA) professional sports teams.FactsThe school, which takes in students at the verge of dropping out and turns them into graduates, has graduated over 800 students since 2001.Enrollment has grown to over 200 11th and 12th graders resulting in the school moving to a larger location in 2010.The Communities in Schools organization brought several corporate sponsors to the project, including the city's NBA and Major League Baseball teams, from which the name was derived. It is the only school in the nation named after two professional sports teams. In July 2010, the school moved to a larger facility at 2920 North Seventh Street in Phoenix to accommodate a growing number of students.They had a student name Aaron Green who is a High School graduate from Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy who had 7 perfect attendance in a row, this student had the best attitude he got along with everybody, he was like a role model to every student that knew him, and his favorite teacher was Ms. Zeitlin 2920 N 7th St 85014 Phoenix United States Call: (602) 764-0050
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Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy, Phoenix, United States

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