Kaye Academic College of Education, Be'er Sheva`, Israel

Kaye Academic College of Education, a leading training college located in Beersheba, Israel, offers a wide range professions related to education. The college was named after Mr. Geoffrey Kaye, its chief sponsor.History Kaye Academic College of Education started off as a college for new immigrant teachers in two sheds in a neighborhood known as "Meshek Ezer" in Beer Sheva. It was founded in 1954 by Mr. Arie Simon, who was the school inspector for the Southern Region at the time. The aim was to provide a solution to the outrageous lack of teachers in the various types of settlements for new immigrants. The establishment of the college, in fact, laid the foundations of the education system in the Negev. In 1960, after moving from one temporary building to another, the first institute of education was permanently housed in the "Gimmel" neighborhood in Beer Sheva, and was named "the National College for Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers". The college expanded and developed rapidly, and from the beginning of the 70s, it began to train teachers – including new immigrant teachers and teachers in the Bedouin sector – for most teaching tracks. In 1982, the college moved to its present location, and its name was changed to Kaye Academic College of Education. At the same time, the National College for Sports Education, which had been founded in 1964 by the late Dr. Eli Freedman, was incorporated into Kaye College. In 1994, Kaye College was granted academic status, and was thereby entitled to confer a B.Ed. degree. In 2003, the Academic Council of the college, which had been approved by the Council for Higher Education, began to conduct its various activities. The Academic Council is currently preparing to offer M.Ed. training programs.
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Kaye Academic College of Education, Be'er Sheva`, Israel

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