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Learn Peace, Teach Peace, Discuss Peace, Live in Peace. Peace Education was created on Facebook on June 4th, 2014 after realizing that very few people have had the opportunity to be trained in peace. Peace is far more important than war, yet most of us have been well trained about war and poorly trained about the incredible benefits of Peace. That has to change! With the arrival of the internet we can now communicate easier and more effectively than ever before. We hope that communication will lead to better peace education and communication with all nations, races and religions. Peace Education is merely a beginning that will help lead us to World Peace. This Facebook page is a place to share thoughts, ideas, wisdom, similarities and differences, life lessons and more. It is a place to discuss inner peace, local peace, national peace and world peace concepts, methods and strategies. Peace loving people need to become smarter than those continually leading us into war. This page belongs to all peace-loving beings so please interact and share in the learning, teaching and sharing process. Thank you and may peace be with you and those you love always.
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Peace Education

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