Plymouth Educational Center

Plymouth Educational Center is a public K-12 charter school located in the Vivian H. Ross Campus in Detroit, Michigan.HistoryNicholas Hood, Sr., who had operated the Plymouth United Church of Christ Day Care Center, established a day school division in 1974. Nicholas Hood, III took control of the school in 1984. The Plymouth Day School was incorporated as a private school in 1985. The school moved to a new location in 1990, and it began to cover grades K-5. The school moved back to the church facility in 1991, occupying the lower level. It only covered grades K-2. The school began steps to become a charter school in 1992. On August 31, 1995 it was designated as a Michigan Chartered Public School Academy. The current facility opened in 1999; at the time it covered grades K-8 and had over 700 students.External linksPlymouth Educational Center
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Plymouth Educational Center

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