Daegu National University of Education, Daegu, South Korea

Daegu National University of Education, commonly abbreviated as Daegu-gyodae in Korean, is one of National University of Education which provide training courses for preliminary teachers in the public primary school of South Korea.Founded in 1950, DNUE was previously called Daegu Normal School. Its first president was Kim Young-gi . In 1963, it was renamed as Daegu Gyoyuk Dae. It concentrated on primary school education, not including secondary school course. It had the last change of name in 1993, taking the name it continues to use today. The current president is Nam Seung-in , selected in 2011. About 85 instructors are employed by the university.HistoryDNUE is normally considered that it opened as Daegu Normal School at 1950. Although the University is founded in 1950, it is also true, its main former trace is found in 1923 Daegu sabeom haggyo. Daegu sabeom haggyo (大邱師範學敎, 大邱师范学校) established by the Japanese Government-General of Korea for training school instructors.Historically, the university has always been under national control. It officially began as Daegu Normal School (대구사범학교) in 1950. In 1962, it was briefly attached to Kyungpook National University as a two-year college, but the institutions were separated again the following year. It became a four-year college in 1982 and a university in 1993. The graduate school was established in November 1995.The university has been called various names with changing for gratifying social needs.Pre-establishedDaegu sabeom haggyo Gonglib Daegu sabeom haggyo (公立大邱師範學敎, 공립대구사범학교) in 1923 ~ 1929 (established by government, but operated by local government) Guanlib Daegu sabeom haggyo (官立大邱師範學敎, 관립대구사범학교) in 1929 ~ 1944 (operated by government) Daegu sabeom haggyo (大邱師範學敎, 대구사범학교) in 1944 (considered as special College) Daegu Normal University (It was established by merging two similar school) Daegu sabeom daehak (大邱師範大學, 대구사범대학) in 1946 (considered as College, it was one college of Kyungpook National University) Dolib Gyeongsangbuk-do chodeung-gyowon yangseongso (道立慶尙北道初等敎員養成所, 도립경상북도초등교원양성소) establish in 1949 (it was training school for Elementary school teacher, operated by Gyeongsangbuk-do government)
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Daegu National University of Education, Daegu, South Korea

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