National College of Education, Chicago, United States

National Louis University is a private non-profit American university. NLU has locations in and near Chicago, Illinois, as well as in Wisconsin, Florida and Nowy Sącz, Poland. Many courses and programs are also offered at-a-distance. Since its founding in 1886, NLU has played a historic role in education, when it helped found the National Kindergarten Movement, and the National Parent Teacher Association and stressed the importance of academic and professional training in childhood education theory and practice.History of the UniversityNational Louis University began in 1886, when Elizabeth Harrison founded the school to train "Kindergarteners", young women teachers who began the early childhood education movement. The school's requirements became a model for education colleges nationwide. In 1893, the university published Harrison's book, The Kindergarten as an Influence in Modern Civilization, in which she explained, "how to teach the child from the beginning of his existence that all things are connected how to lead him to this vital truth from his own observation...."The university's name was changed to the Chicago Kindergarten Training School, Chicago Kindergarten College, the National Kindergarten and Elementary College and then the National College of Education . The "National" part of the university's name came about when the school became the professional school of the National Kindergarten Association. The university championed the concept of kindergarten and early education teaching in America and was one of the first teacher's colleges in the country to offer a four-year program culminating in the bachelor of education degree.
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National College of Education, Chicago, United States

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