Cyril Potter College of Education, Georgetown, Guyana

The Cyril Potter College of Education is a teacher training college in Guyana. The main institute is located at Turkeyen, and there are branches located in New Amsterdam, Rose Hall, Linden, Vreed-en-Hoop and Anna Regina.. It is descended from the Teachers’ Training Centre (TTC), Guyana's first teacher training college, established in 1928. Cyril Robert Gladstone Potter was the first Guyanese principal of the institution, and the college was renamed in his honor in 1976.Generally, matriculation requires two years of coursework, with the candidate choosing to specialize in Nursery, Primary, or Secondary education. There are also concentrations in Information Technology, Languages, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.Only teachers who have graduated from CPCE are considered fully qualified in Guyana, though it is currently possible to teach without this certificate. However, higher level positions (and pay) are restricted to CPCE graduates. Teachers who have gional Department of Education in order to do so, as it frequently requires leaving their work early to attend classes and exams.ReferencesCPCE Turkeyen unknown Georgetown Guyana
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Cyril Potter College of Education, Georgetown, Guyana

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